What is Mini Game Compil
The Mini Game Compil brand was first launched in 2009 by OmegaBowser, and its goal was to provide some simple minigames where you had to have fun, and beat your best scores.

With the time, the second MGC (= Mini Game Compil) brought an online feature, not online gameplay like you may think, but online scores. Online scores means you can share/send your score on each minigame you played on our server, and thus you can see directly in game, where you are (your position).

Today the game is always leaded by OmegaBowser, but he's not alone anymore, some programmers are helping him making new mini games, such as Keitaro_Ura or RootKernel
The Mini Games
In this part, you can find absolutely anything, there is no limit, only our imagination.
Of course we're trying to do something a bit innovating and unique, but there's some chances that you found mini game inspired by other games.

Most of the mini games are arcade oriented, this means it's quite easy to play (you don't need a thousand buttons to play), it's fast, and intuitive.

For this version, there's 16 minigames.
Online is magic
That's right, playing alone can be fun, but challenging everyone around the world is way more fun!

Mini Game Compil' 3 has online scoring, which means you can send your scores on our servers, and directly compare yourself to other people. You can see some of the highscores directly in game, or all of them in this website.

How to unlock new minigames:
  • Megaman 0: Play each 12 mini games once
  • Royal Gardening: Get 12 silver medals
  • Enless Road: Play 50 mini games
  • Baby Rescue: Get 30 trophies